Discover How To Become A Successful Legacy Family…

Prepare Your Kids for Wealth For The Next 10 Generations

Learn the Secrets of the Top 100 Legacy Wealth Families 

And How They Raised Incredible Kids and Grandkids…

And How They Protected them Against Being Spoiled, Lazy, Entitled, Anxious or Victims.

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There are 10 core pillars of the successful legacy family. Here are a few of them:

1. Creating Heritage, Not Inheritance

2. Creating Interdependence, Not Independence

3. Creating the Home Economy System for the 5 Money Skills

4. Creating a Last Name That Means Something

I’m going to ask you a question, be honest with yourself as you answer…

Why is it that 90% of generational wealth is gone by the grandkids? Why is it that so many families fracture and split apart as wealth enters the picture? What should you do today to create a powerful family legacy for your children’s children’s children?

And what if you could almost guarantee that each line of children were prepared to become successful for the next 10 generations and beyond?

Here’s why this is exciting. You’re about to learn the secrets and strategies of the Top 100 Legacy Wealth Families in the world, and what they did to raise their kids for success (without screwing them up).

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The shocking truth was; all of these families were doing the same thing.

The more shocking truth was; that almost no one else was doing it.

These Families Did The Same 10 Things!

But before you learn the 10 things, you need to understand two important rules.


Teach your kids to create value first, not money.

Rule 1

Stop outsourcing your parenting.

Rule 2

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Scott Donell is the Best Selling Author of Value Creation Kid, The Healthy Struggles Your Children Need to Succeed. With over 6 million families served, Scott is the leading voice in helping parents teach their kids good money skills. 

He is also the host of Smart Money Parenting, a worldwide top podcast for families. And now he is launching the worlds first bank account for kids & teens that plays like a game called GravyStack.

There’s a specific way to help them with their education, first car, college, and career.

There’s something you need to do at ages 25, 35, and 45 to ensure a legacy.

There’s a weekly and monthly cadence for your home that prepares kids for wealth.

Learn The 5 magic yes's

Learn The 5 magic no’s

Your kids need Roots and Wings. You will learn all of this and more.

Our Goal: Make These 10 Lessons Operational in Your Home. Tomorrow.


Prepare Your Kids Like The Top 100 Wealthy Legacy Families

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